Tiler: Wireless charging for e-bikes through the kickstand

No wires – just park and charge

The one very obvious minor hassle of owning an e-bike is charging it. Building on an academic project from the Technical University in Delft, the Tiler charging tile with bicycle kickstand is said by the developers to be the world's first wireless induction charger for e-bikes.

Tiler is being pitched as a more cost-effective solution that takes up less space than docking and charging stations.

“Users have also told us how happy they are not having to disconnect, use wires or carry their battery,” said co-creator, Christiaan van Nispen.

“We believe that this global proliferation of light electric vehicles can succeed only with an impeccable charging infrastructure. Our solution is also vandalism proof, and the tile completely eliminates the fire hazards that traditional charging systems face.”

Charging starts when an e-bike with a compatible kickstand is parked on the tile. There are also plans for software that will make it possible to check availability and charging status and to book and pay for charging.

The Tiler charging tile and charging kickstand are currently being sold as a package for €699, excluding installation costs.

The firm says it will initially focus on the corporate market – specifically businesses and organisations that encourage their employees to cycle.


by  Jan 6 2021 (Ebike tips)