Over half of Brits are thinking of getting an e-bike – and subsidies could tip the balance

Over 2,000 people were polled from across the UK, including those who already own an eBike. They were asked about their perception of e-mobility and how that had changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 

2020 brought a huge acceleration in what was already a rapidly growing e-bike market. E-bikes currently account for around 17 per cent of European bicycle sales, but Bosch predicts that will rise to 50 per cent within the next few years. 

The survey found that 56 per cent of people who have invested in recent times did so as a result of a shift in habits and circumstances stemming from the pandemic. 28 per cent said that avoiding Covid-19 transmission via public transport motivated them to do so.

Heath and environmental motivations also loom large with 54 per cent of e-bike owners saying they got theirs to boost exercise levels and 37 per cent saying they did so as step towards reducing their environmental impact.

It also seems that many commuters are willing to switch from their cars with 32 per cent of respondents saying they would use their car less if they had an e-bike.

This was supported by the finding that 53 per cent of e-bike owners had cut down on car journeys by using their bike instead.

A quarter of owners said that a desire to cut unnecessary short car journeys had motivated them to invest and over two-thirds said an e-bike had proven a more efficient way to get around than other forms of transport.

Government e-bike subsidies

The government announced that it would put together an e-bike support package in July last year and subsequently proposed subsiding purchasing by much as a third.

An announcement is still expected, but is yet to materialise.

However, even without discounts, 81 per cent of owners surveyed said their e-bike had proven a good investment.


Ebike tips by  Aug 7 2021