New 2022 Bosch eBike System

New 2022 Bosch eBike System

By Martin Brown on August 31, 2021

It’s that time again where Bosch reveal what the latest-and-greatest features are of the new Bosch eBike system 2022. Bosch are constantly innovating their electric bike systems to meet the demand of users. Let’s learn what’s new…

There’s lots of new hardware and features for Bosch eBike systems in 2022. Let’s break down each to keep it simple:

New Bosch Kiox 300 Display 2022

New on-board features
The brand new on-board computer from Bosch is code named: Kiox 300. This new unit is perfect for the ‘sporty’ eBike rider where you can determine fitness data and use this to help with your training. New for 2022, the Kiox unit can be updated wirelessly by the rider, so there is now no need to visit the dealer for basic firmware updates.

Bosch eBike Kiox 300 2022 Display

Easier to use smart design
The new Bosch Kiox 300 is smaller in design, but offers more features! It features a unique colour dispaly and can be visible at night due to the back lit LCD screen.

The Kiox 300 is splash & dust resistant, it looks cleaner on the bike & is supported by new images and animations. It’s designed to be as simple as possible for the user to operate on the fly.

Walk Assist – Where you need it
As with all Bosch powered eBikes, the new 2020 Bosch Kiox setup offers the ‘Walk assist’ feature to the rider which can be really helpful on trickier climbs and stairs alike. It allows the bike to assist if pushing, taking the strain away from the rider, this is all now activated via the new LED remote (more on that below).

The new Kiox 300 shows the rider how much range is left on each mode so you can see at a glance how far you can go dependant on the assistance mode selected.

New handlebar mount
The new Kiox dispaly holder is mounted centrally on the handlebars, keeping that clean cockpit look as opposed to being over to one side (like it’s predecessors). The screen has ’tilt adjustment’ so it suits a range of riders, tall or short to get the perfect position for easy visibility whilst riding.

New Bosch LED Remote 2022

Simple & clean design
The new LED remote for 2022 is the first of it’s kind to feature a functional LED where all important information can be captured. The device has been designed to be easy to read despite sunlight or shady areas. It has a built-in ambient light sensor so it can change it’s brightness no matter where you are on the ride. This means it’s easier to see, but on the flip side it doesn’t dazzle riders by being too bright and distracting.

Each ride assist mode is now signified by it’s own colour LED lights. This makes it easier for the rider to recognise what ride mode they are using, in the corner of their eye as opposed to navigating a display.

Bosch 2022 LED Remote

Always connected
The new 2022 Bosch eBike LED remote connects to the eBike Flow App (covered in more detail below). Riders can track all important data and sync it, bringing new connectivity to the rider & controls.

As mentioned above, this connectivity allows the option for the rider to update the Bosch eBike firmware themselves, rather than travel to the dealer for simple periodic updates. You can also sync all-important ride data to the app via the LED remote and share it with other fellow riders. This includes the duration of the ride and the distance travelled.

Smart Walk Assist
The new smart Walk Assist can help a rider on even the trickiest of terrain. Where riding is not possible the Walk Assist the LED remote comes into it’s own. Simply press the Walk Assist button and feel the support as the bike moves.

Easy navigation
The new LED remote allows the rider to control the bike within easy reach. The ergonomic design means you can make any essential adjustments whilst on the move; operated perfectly with the thumb – no button is out of reach. The angle of the controls can be rotated on the bars to suit a range of rider profiles.

At the ready – Always
Thanks to the new long life battery, the LED remote can be powered and operated all the time, even when the main battery is turned off or removed from the bike. The internal battery is recharged by the main bike battery whilst in action, however Bosch fans will be pleased to know it can easily be replaced long-term by a specialist dealer if required.

New Performance CX Drive Unit 2022

Performance defined
The Bosch Performance CX motor is refined further for electric mountain biking, with its riding behaviour and characteristics offer noticeable agility for navigating through tight turns and wilder trail sections. Offering torque of up to 85Nm allows the motor to be more controlled at lower cadences and particularly efficient at getting off-the-go quickly on standing hill starts.

Bosch 2022 Performance CX Drive Unit

Easier handling – EMTB mode
The EMTB mode gives the rider instant access to all ride modes auto-magically behind the scenes. Select EMTB mode and pedal, the Bosch CX will adapt to it’s terrain and rider all without you having to move a finger.. Just pedal and have FUN.


Maximum agility
Bosch CX motors use their multi-sensor technology which measures multiple sensors many thousand times per second. The Bosch motor can respond on demand offering best-in-class agility on even the most toughest of trails.

New Bosch Connect Module
For 2022 Bosch is all about being more connected. Both rider and bike will have more unique functions with the introduction of a new piece of hardware code named the: Connect Module. This module will unlock new features, there’s more to be announced, but so far we know its focus is around theft protection. It can sound alarms to deter any suspicious behaviour or thieves.

We also know there will be a tracker function. If your bike is unfortunately stolen, you’ll be able to track your eBike via the new eBike Flow app (more on that below). Great news and reassurance for eBike owners!

New Bosch PowerTube 750Wh 2022

Even longer range
With the introduction of the new Bosch PowerTube 750 in 2022, more range can be achieved than ever before! Bosch have since trumped the earlier 300 & 400Wh battery packs with the 500 & 625Wh. Now, new heights can be achieved with the PowerTube 750 offering an extra 20% range over the previous 625Wh champion range battery.

Bosch 2022 eBike PowerTube 750 Wh Battery

Integrated design
Bosch eBikes always maintain a great battery design. The new 750Wh Bosch battery is integrated in the frame, which not only looks great but also protects the battery on the trails.

Reliability where you need it
All Bosch batteries are equipped with a BMS (Battery Management Software). This monitors all the cells independently and ensures longevity in the battery pack. It also protects the battery for safety and ensures a long range bike with a long service life.

Secure & easy operation
The battery can be charged in the bike or alternatively it can be removed from the frame for charging too. For security the battery is locked in the frame with a key, so no need to worry about the security of your battery when parked up. Most will charge the battery inside the frame in their garage, whilst some may want to remove the battery for charging on the move or in hotels for example on longer tours.

New Bosch 4A Battery Charger 2022

For the first time in years, there is a new Bosch eBike battery charger. The Bosch 4A Charger is offered in a new appealing design and charges the new PowerTube 750Wh quickly.

Bosch 2022 4A Battery Charger

Compact & lightweight
The new Bosch 4A charger for 2022 is more compact than ever before, making it ideal for charging on-the-go. It’s IPX water resistant and is manufactured in a durable shell.

The 4A Bosch charger can charge the new 750Wh battery in just 6 hours from completely flat to 100%. Charging is faster when part-charging, taking just over 2 hours for a 50% battery charge.

The new charger uses different battery connectors and thus, for the first time ever, is not backwards compatible with existing Bosch eBike batteries.

New Bosch eBike Flow App 2022

Always connected
The latest innovation from Bosch for 2022 allows the bike & rider to be more connected, offering a hole new experience for the eBike rider. Bosch are releasing the new eBike Flow App on both iOS and Android so all riders have access to it.

New Bosch 2022 eBike Flow App

Updates over-the-air
The new Bosch eBike Flow App allows the user to update their Bosch eBike firmware remotely over the air using your smartphone.

This means you can connect to your electric bike and it’ll prompt you for any updates, as opposed to existing systems which require a trip to a Bosch eBike dealer to perform these simple updates.

Simply your ride
The app is designed to simplify your ride, not interfere with it. This means that whilst riding you only see the essential rider information whilst on the move, causing minimal distractions.

The smartphone app will automatically connect to your Bosch eBike via the Smart Connect feature. This means your phone is left in your pocket or rider backpack, whilst pedalling the app is auto-magically tracking your every move.

Third party apps and features
For the first time ever, Bosch have unlocked their App to 3rd party developers. This means things like Apple Health will now sync with your ride data offering even more possibilities when tracking your important Health data.

We expect to see more functions on the horizon as bike manufacturers can also design the app in their own look and feel, further personalising the eBike experience. More connectivity brings more apps, more functions and more fun to the rider.

Look after your Bosch eBike
The Bosch eBike Flow App gives the rider more information than ever before. This offers all-important parameters so you can see your progress and also track the health of your Bosch eBike. For example, riders can see when the next service is due, which components are installed and how many miles have been covered overall.