E-glamp rural tourism concept: tiny houses with integrated e-bike systems

Stay in the back of beyond while exploring the area by e-bike

An e-bike tourism concept has been nominated for a green award, reports Yanko Design. E-glamp comprises small, removable houses with integrated e-bike systems powered by solar energy.

According to the website, e-glamp is designed for economic and touristic development in rural areas and appears to be an attempt to offer holidaymakers the somewhat contradictory opportunity to get away from it all while still remaining very much connected.

The houses would be built with sustainable materials and feature solar panels to gather energy for the e-bike system, a 5G connection and presumably one or two other things.

e-glamp diagram.jpg
e-glamp diagram.jpg, by e-glamp

An app then allows guests to manage their experience from aspects of their accommodation to heading out on the e-bikes to explore, “discovery trails.”

Done well, in the right location, you can see the appeal. It would presumably give visitors a chance to stay somewhere relatively remote but with plenty of mod cons plus an environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

1-e-glamp-glamping-experience.jpg, by e-glamp
by  Apr 3 2021