Bafang has developed a dual-speed rear hub e-bike motor

Bafang already produces a wide array of e-bike motors, including a number of rear hub systems. The Chinese firm says its new H700 rear motor is the product of several years of research and development.

The system will automatically adjust the gearbox ratio based on the speed of the bike – presumably offering improved assistance when setting off or when the rider is going uphill.

The motor offers the usual 250W with 32Nm of torque and is linked to a high-precision torque sensor.

A 360Wh battery is integrated into the bike’s down tube, along with a simple single-button display. It’ll also feature Bluetooth functionality.

The rear motor can be adapted to standard e-bike sizes for both belt and chain transmissions. The motor wiring is also on the left side of the outlet structure to allow for a concealed harness inside the frame to prevent unnecessary scratches.


By ebiketips by  Aug 2 2021

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